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Luxuries vs Necessities

We all know that in today’s world anyone with a camera or cell phone can take a picture. So why are there professional photographers? First of all I am not knocking the amateur or hobbyist, everyone must start somewhere. I am just pointing out why you should go to a professional photographer as opposed to letting Aunt Tilly capture your fondest memories.

1) Professional photographers are trained in lighting their subjects properly to avoid raccoon eyes, mottled skin tone and dark grainy images. They can pose to flatter and can bring out a natural smile.

2) Professional photographers work hard at keeping their skills current along with updating their gear as needed. They use a reputable lab so they may offer you top notch products. You will never find a professional photographer ordering prints from Walmart.

3) Professional photographers will get to know their clients so they may offer the most satisfying experience. They take their time and never rush their client out the door. They look beyond the box to create unique imagery. Because every client is different, they are able to capture the real you.

While most people feel professional photos are a luxury, think of all the other luxuries in your life. Getting your nails done every week, coloring your hair, even air conditioning in your cars are luxuries most will never think about doing without. But the same people don’t see that capturing you newborns first days in life, or watching your child grow as a needed luxury. Yes, using your own camera or cell phone will be ok for every day moments, but a family portrait done by a professional at least once a year is very important.

As I end this post I will leave you with one question. With all the photos you have taken of your loved ones, your children, your memories. Where are they now? I bet the answer is …still on your phone. Thought so.

Stay safe, stay well. Until next time.




Todays Technology vs The Real Thing

In today s  world everyone feels the need to keep up with technology. When the latest gadget hits the stores, we all run out and buy it…because we HAVE to have it, can’t live without it. Too many people rely on technology to run their days. We start our day with digital alarm clocks that wake you gently to music or a soft fresh voice saying it’s time to wake up. Next, we go into the kitchen and help ourselves to a hot cup of coffee which is already brewed or only takes a minute threw your Keurig. Now don’t get me wrong…some new technology IS good. We have meetings over the internet, even though we are all in the same office. We send each other emails or text messages instead of talking face to face, and constantly checking our facebook pages in fear of missing some good news or juicy gossip. Everything is stored electronically. When was the last time you dialed your best friend, or home without having to hit that 1 button on your cell phone? Ok, I admit that I have a cell phone too, and MOST of the time I hit that 1 button too, but I do remember my own phone number, or my closest friends and families. But I have a basic cell phone, and do NOT have the data package. But just as much technology can be a lifesaver, it can fail, and does quite often.

Let’s look at your home PC. I bet a good portion of your live is stored on there. Important documents, school reports, photos. What happens when you wake up and find the blue screen of death? EVERYTHING is lost! Cell phones too. Do you know how many times I see someone post on facebook, ” my cell died, got a new one but lost everyones number…PM me yours so I may update my new phone.” While some things could be retrieved by asking to resend the info,  what happens when you see your 10 month old son take his first step, or put your 5 year old on the bus on his first day of school? You grab your cell and take the picture…a moment you do not want to forget. Then 2 weeks later, the unmentionable happens…you drop your cell in the toilet. LOST! All those moments lost forever. Ok well maybe you do have a regular camera and use that instead of your cell. How many of you leave them on the disk for years? Yep, thought so. Let’s look at it this way…let’s say you did download your photos onto your computer AND burned them onto a floppy disk for safe keeping. Floppy disk? What’s that you ask. Obsolete! Technology upgraded to CDs. But now how do you see all those moments you stored for safe keeping? If you’re lucky you find someone who can transfer them to a CD. But wait, the days of CDs are slowly fizzing out and memory sticks are taking over. What are they going to do in 10 years when memory stick are no longer available? All your photos, your wedding, you children growing up…everything will be lost too. Trust me, when I was younger I relied on a VHS recorder to capture moments of my boys opening up presents on Christmas morning. Where are those VHS tapes now? Up in the attic!

We at Gramm Photography, know the importance of capturing memories, and that is why we do not offer images on a CD. We are strictly a full service studio, which means we offer finished products to our clients. We want you to be able to display your memories on walls to be seen daily. We understand that in todays social world, you like to share your images with friends and family who do not live close, so we do offer to put your images in a gallery for 2 weeks so you may share them with loved ones. We also will post a few on facebook so you may share them as well.

Two weeks ago we had the privilege of photographing a wonderful family. A family that understands the meaning of capturing a memory and enjoying that memory for years to come. My first encounter with Holli was when she contacted me last December and asked my if we photograph first birthdays. A few weeks later we had her cousin Kirsten’s little boy Teagen in the studio for his cake smash session. He was the cutest, especially after he turned blue from the cakes icing. This time Holli contacted us and asked us to photograph her cousins with their grandmother. We held the session at the local park, using the lake and trees as a beautiful background. When she came to see her images she was thrilled. The best was last night, when she picked up her prints. Her face said it all. In her hands, she held a memory she did not want to forget…and will be able to see daily because she did not rely on technology. Her prints will hang on her walls and not lost in her cell phone or on an obsolete CD.

GRP_5753 WM

GRP_5772 watermarked

GRP_5784 WM

So please don’t rely on today’s technology. Have a family portrait taken yearly, invest in a product you know will not go out of style.

Until next time…stay happy, stay well.