Luxuries vs Necessities

We all know that in today’s world anyone with a camera or cell phone can take a picture. So why are there professional photographers? First of all I am not knocking the amateur or hobbyist, everyone must start somewhere. I am just pointing out why you should go to a professional photographer as opposed to letting Aunt Tilly capture your fondest memories.

1) Professional photographers are trained in lighting their subjects properly to avoid raccoon eyes, mottled skin tone and dark grainy images. They can pose to flatter and can bring out a natural smile.

2) Professional photographers work hard at keeping their skills current along with updating their gear as needed. They use a reputable lab so they may offer you top notch products. You will never find a professional photographer ordering prints from Walmart.

3) Professional photographers will get to know their clients so they may offer the most satisfying experience. They take their time and never rush their client out the door. They look beyond the box to create unique imagery. Because every client is different, they are able to capture the real you.

While most people feel professional photos are a luxury, think of all the other luxuries in your life. Getting your nails done every week, coloring your hair, even air conditioning in your cars are luxuries most will never think about doing without. But the same people don’t see that capturing you newborns first days in life, or watching your child grow as a needed luxury. Yes, using your own camera or cell phone will be ok for every day moments, but a family portrait done by a professional at least once a year is very important.

As I end this post I will leave you with one question. With all the photos you have taken of your loved ones, your children, your memories. Where are they now? I bet the answer is …still on your phone. Thought so.

Stay safe, stay well. Until next time.




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