Hot News Flash…This Just In!

We just received this from our dear friend Santa along with a letter that says…

Hi Liz and John,

I am looking forward to seeing you again on November 9th and 10th at Gramm Photography. I can NOT wait to show the children what I have in store for them.
I am sorry to hear that John won’t be joining us, maybe next year he can take the day off from work so he can sit in during hour story time.
Ut oh, I just heard a crash coming from the stables. My reindeer get too excited this time of year. Let me go settle them down. I will be seeing you in Campbell Hall soon enough…HO HO HO. Tell the children I will be bringing my lists with me.

Your good friend,
Santa Claus

GP2_8245-2 signed
That’s right! Santa will be at Gramm Photography and wants to see us all. Call 845 926-1952 to book your session.

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