New York City here we come!!!! Ok officially we were in Bklyn, but close enough.

It’s funny. I grew up in the city, born and lived in Manhattan 4 years then moved to Bklyn, where I lived until I was 16. At that time in my life, when friends meant everything, my parents decided to move upstate, to a little town called Goshen, because they felt the city wasn’t safe anymore. Let’s just say I HATED the idea and cried daily about losing my friends. But shortly after the move I met some new friends and started to like living in Goshen. Every so often, my family went back to Bklyn to visit, but it didn’t seem like home to me anymore. Sure I missed my old friends, and my old neighborhood, but I began to understand my parents thoughts of Goshen being safer than Bklyn was. So my visits back to the old neighborhood were less and less.

After graduating, marrying and having children, I really understood how my parents felt. However when my oldest son, Frank, graduated college and decided to move to the city, I freaked. I didn’t want him living in a place where crime was high, and drugs were plenty. I mean, what mother wouldn’t worry. But I also realized this is where he wanted to be, he fit in, and it was a great place to find work in the field of his studies. So I shut my mouth and secretly prayed he would be safe.

Many times, during his visits home, he invited John and I to visit them. He assured me he was safe and lived in a quiet place in Bklyn, not far from where I grew up. Every time he would invite us, I had an excuse. Mostly I was afraid to see where he lived, afraid that if it was in a bad area I would come home and worry more.  But last month, for some odd reason, I took a deep breath and asked if he and my daughter in law were busy and would it be alright to visit one weekend. He was THRILLED!

Saturday September 28th, we packed an overnight bag, put his address in the GPS and headed off to Bklyn.  John, who has grown up here, in our home in Campbell Hall, has been to the city only a few times.  I, who had grown up seeing Times Square regularly, actually felt excited once we hit Manhattan. He HATED driving through the streets heading for the Bklyn Bridge, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of people buying goods that vendors were selling on the sidewalk. Once we got to Franks place we were surprised how clean and safe the area was. People were friendly as you walked down the street, not at all like I remembered it when I grew up there. I really had a good feeling here, and can see how Natalie and Frank love living here.

That evening we took a ride back into Manhattan (I drove and had no issues driving through the traffic) and boarded a sailboat from Chelseas Pier. We sailed the Hudson River for a few hours seeing the sunset against the NY skyline and got a good look at Lady Liberty all lit up against the night sky. The trip was magnificently stunning and brought back my early childhood memories. Later that night, we went out for dinner and a quaint restaurant that we actually walked to at 10 PM without getting mugged! All in all we had a fantastic time. Sadly the next day we left making promises to visit again soon.

GRP_6293 WM



A glimpse of the Freedom Tower

GRP_6336 WM

GRP_6364 WM

The Lady herself, stand tall and proud adorning the harbor that separates Manhattan and New Jersey.

Until next time…stay happy.




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