A Picture, My Thousand Words

Why is it that I have such a hard time blogging? I mean, there are thousands out there that blog daily, and I sweat at the thought of putting down a few words onto my blog for all to read. Could it mean I live such a boring or ordinary life that I feel most wouldn’t be interested in reading it? Some say just blog about what you know…hmmm i know a lot but when I sit down my mind goes blank.

In school I was the same way. One semester I took a course on “Creative Writing”. I enjoyed the class, learned how to use colorful words in place of bland ones. But when it came time for me to write an essay, nothing! Well there were words on the page but nothing of meaning. So, ok, I wasn’t going to be a writer when I grew up! It’s funny, I love to read. I could sit for hours reading book, magazines, or other peoples blogs…

Getting back to writing about what I know. Well, I worked for 21 years in a retail store as a cashier, front end manager and office clerk. Yep, right boring! I raised 4 boys { raising eyebrows here }. There are a million blogs about raising children…who needs to read one more. Scratch that! These past 17 years I have worked as a NYS Emergency Medical Technician. Oh that could be interesting, and yes I feel I’m good at it, but there are good days and bad days and to be honest, as much as I love this work, once my day is done, I really don’t care to relive it.

Five years ago, I became interested in the beauty around me. I wanted to capture each moment and remember it as I saw it, never for it to fade. Maybe it hit me the year I was so ill and came close to dying. I started to look at things a bit differently, soaking up the moment before it was gone. I’m sure you all heard the saying ” Stop and smell the roses “. Well I stopped and started to smell those roses. But it wasn’t enough, so I turned to my husband and told him I wanted to become a photographer.  Being a photographer gave me the opportunity to capture moments, so dear to me. I could look at people and see the beauty in them, I could look at a sunset and be able to remember what I was feeling at that precise moment, all because I captured the feeling along with the image. I use the word image as opposed to photo or picture because that’s exactly what it is. Definition of image: A mental representation of something previously perceived, in the absence of the original

So now that I am a professional photographer…I STILL find it hard to find the words to blog! HA!!! But since an “image” is worth a thousand words, I will leave you with a couple.

DSC_0427 copy watermarked

One morning as I was heading into work, I had to stop and look at the beginning of a new day, a sight my sleeping family was not going to see. Thankfully, I had my camera on me and my sleeping family did get to see it’s beauty.

DSC_0434 copy1-2 watermarked

Leaving Town Hall at sundown, this barn caught my attention. The power of light…magical!

Until next time…


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