2 Years

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already. In the last 2 years I have learned so much. Not only on the photography side of business, but running a business in general.

When I first started photography, I shot in auto mode. I was so afraid of something going wrong and missing the shot. I was afraid to allow my brain to work and left it all up to the camera to do. Then I realized that I needed to be in control, that the camera was limited to do only what the factory setting allowed it to do. It was then that I changed to manual settings. I was scared, still afraid to miss that shot, but felt I was trained to do this job, a job I have deep feelings for. I stepped back, and allowed my brain to use the knowledge of photography that I had stored in the past 5 years. I spent countless hours learning lighting, posing, and how to bring out the emotions of my clients. I’ve learned that I am not a fan of flash, but can achieve the same results using soft boxes, reflectors and natural lighting. I’ve learned what poses to use to flatter a body, and how to position my subjects to make an image appealing. I have also learned that shadows are your friend and when used properly, make a dramatic effect on your subject. Mostly, I’ve learned how to relax and let the creativity flow.

Recently, John and I went on a wine tasting cruise on the Hudson River. While taking photos of Bannermanns Castle, I overheard someone saying “wow, I would LOVE to have his camera” as he was looking at John taking the shot. I wanted to tell him that it’s not the camera that takes good photos, it’s the person using the tool (the camera) that was trained to take incredible shots. Humbly, I just smiled at him and went on to enjoy the cruise. I guess I could say in the 3 careers I had in my life, each of them I felt the same way. Afraid at first, but then relaxed enough to let my training and knowledge take over.

GRP_4775 watermarkedThis reminds me of what a dear friend and partner once told me early in my EMS career. He is now gone from this world, but everyday I can still hear him say, ” Liz, close the book and let nature take its course.”  Well, Tom, even though I looked up to you as a mentor, I would have to disagree to an extent. The book will ALWAYS be open, but as each new chapter is added, I will not dwell on the words, but go with my instinct, and use that knowledge to be the best that I can be.

This July 4th, we will celebrate our 2 year birthday with 2 free givaways. The first will be a FREE session with a $50 print credit. The second will be 5 FREE gift prints with the purchase of a new session. Like our Facebook page so you won’t miss the contest.


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