Babies, babies everywhere ~ Creative Lifestyle Glamour Photography

Boy has this summer gone fast! Hello world, I know I have been neglecting you, but really, I’ve been busy.

First off, how was your summer? Did you vacation anywhere? I would LOVE to see your pictures of beaches, lakes, family gatherings etc.

Every time I tried to get away to the beach, my plans got changed. Chris put in a lot of hours this summer at his new job. I’m glad to see he really is saving for a car.

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting 2 ADORABLE children.

Mr. Jeremy is 6 months old and his parents won our gift certificate at The Great American Weekend.


Doesn’t he have the most beautiful blue eyes ever? Mom and dad…watch out, the girls will be knocking down your door soon.


The very next day of Jeremys session, we had a newborn session with Miss Emily. Emily is the daughter of one of my dear EMS coworker Shawn and his beautiful wife Tara. Miss Emily was the most perfect model. She is every newborn photographers DREAM. She slept through most of the session, with 1 quick snack from mom.


I would like to end today on a personal note. Colleen, our daughter and business partner, graduated from college with a radiology degree. We are so proud of her. Her plans are to continue with college and get her masters in radiology.


Stay tuned for some more of our summer. Until then, keep smiling.


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