A New Look At Portrait Taking~Campbell Hall NY Lifestyle Photographer

I really must say that I am truly blessed to have such great friends and a wonderful family who stand by me and support me in all I do. Really, who has a husband who starts the day by bringing me my breakfast and cup of tea first thing in the morning? I do, and for that I am so grateful.I love you honey.

June has been a busy month for me. There were finals for Chris, and adjusting to working at Pizza Hut, his first job. I am pleased to say he’s done well in both. I am still in shock that he is now a senior and will be graduating in 2013.

I have been attending several webinars and have been intrigued with Lindsay Adler’s Fashion Flare Photography for Portraits. She is 1 creative photographer. I would love to round up some models and try a few creative sessions.

Next month marks our 1 year anniversary in business. We have learned so much in that 1 year. Looking back of photos I’ve taken last year and comparing them to recent ones, I can’t get over the difference. Maybe it’s the fact that I got a new prime lens a few months ago and have NOT taken it off the camera yet! Anyway, today I am going to plan some sort of giveaway to mark our 1 year mark.

I am getting very excited about our wedding session coming up in August. We are photographing the couple as they say their vows in the most beautiful St Paul’s Church in Bullville NY, then we are off to NYC to catch a boat for a remarkable wedding cruise to Canada. How exciting is that? John and I went to Maine for our honeymoon 9 years ago this August. From there we took a ferry to Canada, spending the day in quaint fishing villages along the coast. Canada is beautiful! It’s going to feel like a second honeymoon to us.

Well, it’s time for me to get started on my day. Until next time…keep smiling!


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