That Special Person

Yesterday marked a special day on the calendar.  A very dear person in our lives turned 88 years young. Joan has been a part of Johns life since he was born. In her early days she was a nurse at Arden Hill Hospital until she retired. Even after her retirement, Joan helped and cared for the people in her life who couldn’t care for themselves. When it was her turn, after a double hip replacement, John was the one who moved in with her to help her recover and take care of the house. When John and I met, and decided to get married, Joan welcomed us ( myself and my children ) into her home with open arms.

In Joans’ words ” Besides my parents, I never had a family of my own. I always worried what would happen to me when I grew older. But with you all here, my worries disappeared. You are my family….and we take care of each other. ”

Happy Birthday Joan, may all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled. We love you.


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