BAM…job done!

Every day I sit here and say, ” I need to blog today”, and then think, ” I have nothing to say. I have really been busy, honest! My head is swarming with new marketing plans, new promotions, and new packaging ideas.

This past weekend we watched a 3 day webinar hosted by Creative Live. The speaker was the fabulous and most funny Bambi Cantrell. Let me tell you, she was so inspiring. At first I thought she was crazy, that I could NEVER jabber like her while I take my shot, but OMG she had everyone laughing and smiling naturally…bam! job done. As for her posing techniques…superb! John, Colleen and I ran out for a ride to practice with the cameras. First off it was a gorgeous Spring day and I just had to get out. We had no plan as to where we wanted to go so we just got in the car and drove…and wow New York can be beautiful if you travel down the right back roads.

Well, we wound up in New Paltz, an adorable college/artist town, with old brick/stone houses, and delicious cafes. Lunch at Magillicuddys was delicious. After we drove down one of the oldest streets in the county and I just adored the houses and buildings. While I was sitting on a rocker in front of an old church, John started snapping pictures of me. YIKES!!! I so hate the way I look in pictures. But then I thought…wait…why don’t I pose the way Bambi showed us. Well I started to pose, and threw out some ” gorgeous baby, and fabulous darling ” words ( something John should have said since he was taking the photos ) but all of a sudden I started smiling…a real natural smile. BAM…. job done!

So seriously guys, if you want to learn more about posing and lights, look up Bambi Cantrell.

Well so be it for today. Until next time….


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