Fabulous Fashion Ideas

Wow it’s been a while. Chalk it up to a few things. First…I had nothing to say ( HA that’s really a first!). Second…I really have been busy with new marketing ideas and trying to revamp our ways of doing business.

As Spring approaches, oh don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this weekend, we are looking forward to doing more outdoor shots. I was at the Arboretum yesterday having a fabulous lunch with Judi and soaking up the great weather, and we saw that the tulip bulbs  have already been placed, and there were tiny buds where other flowers that will shortly bloom. I can NOT wait to see the colorful sea of flowers as they take over the barren Arboretum. Just in time for Mothers Day.

As for Mothers Day,I am thinking about holding some kind of contest. What contests ideas do you have? I could use some input here please.

Tomorrow we are meeting with 2 individuals to discuss some ideas for a new type of photo shoot. But mums the word for now.

We are looking into doing Senior Sessions this Summer. Within the next few weeks we will be searching for our ” Class of 2013 Senior Reps” which will be representing Gramm Photography at their school. Stay tuned for updates on how you can apply for the position. I just started an awesome blog just devoted to Seniors. More info to come.

Also as Spring approaches, it brings us out of the blah, washed out color clothing, into the gorgeous colors of reds, oranges and blues. Here are a few fashion ideas I came across for this year…by they way, they are PERFECT for your new Spring Photo Sessions.

I just LOVE the colors and bold print…

…and look at these SHOES!!!! Boy I know a person or two who would DIE for them.

So until next time…keep smiling…and stay tuned for more info on Senior Reps.


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