This and That

Good evening peeps. It seems these posts get later and later in the day than when I first started, sorry for that. Most of my days lately have been consumed with phone calls, marketing, reading on marketing and then some more marketing! When I do get a breather, I go directly to facebook and get my city in shape. I can not be a decent mayor if I don’t lol. I used to play 5 different games but got rid of 4 and just kept Cityville.

Today John and I returned to that fabric store that was closed on Friday. There were racks and racks of material, more than I had ever seen in 1 place. The widest material I saw was 8 feet, a little short for what I had in mind, but I did get 2 types of fabric GREAT for infant shots.

After, we stopped at Joann’s Fabrics for Ha Ha’s and I got MORE fabric. I got this GORGEOUS red shaggy type I fell in love with, and it’s so soft! Now I just need the babies to photography :(.

As promised I took a couple of shots of that hat I mentioned yesterday. If you remember I wasn’t sure if it was Mexican, Calvary, some cross in between.

What do you think? Either way it’s pretty.

Last night I was able to capture the clouds before sundown. What great colors they had. I did process them in HDR to bring out all the hues. HDR stands for High Definition Range. Basically you take a bunch of pics of the same thing gradually exposing more for each shot. Then with a program you take the properly exposed areas of each shot and combine them to make another picture.

This is what I came up with, which is pretty much as I saw it in person.

HDR is not an easy thing to do, and you just can’t take any old picture and process it correctly. Everything must fall in place, the lighting, the color etc. I remember a few years ago before I started my business, a friend of mine showed me a picture and it was awesome. I read a bit about doing HDR but was unable to achieve the same look. I was determined to get this, and with plenty of practice, I can now say I’m ok at doing them :). I still need practice, as with everything else we do in life.

Well I better get off here and get some work done….wait it’s bed time. I’ll leave the work for tomorrow.

Until next time…keep smiling.


2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Okay, I like the hat, but the sky picture is AWESOME! Great job with that! I am sure that was not an easy picture to capture and develop. You will have to share how to do this technique a little more in detail. Keep taking those great pictures, and sharing them! Oh and by the way, the new logo looks GREAT too!

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