Some Photography Prop Ideas

Hi everyone. How are things? Did everyone who entered our “How Young Is Uncle John” contest read the blog? Have you guessed his age correctly? If you have and won, please send me a PM on our facebook page claiming your prize. I would hate to see you lose out.
Reminder also of our Easter Special…

For all those couples who are getting married in the near future…a very dear friend of mine is a travel consultant. Why not stop by Lisa’s facebook page and say hi. She absolutely ADORES her job and is very good at finding you the vacation spot of your dreams. Tell her Liz sent you.

I have been looking around for a few interesting articles regarding photography and marketing. Is there something else you all would be interested in?

Today I was searching for photography props. There is so much available to the public, but all are not necessary to own. First you must decide on what type of theme you wish to photograph. If it’s an infant photo shoot, blankets, baskets, cute little hats, flowers, are a few. You don’t need to rush out and buy one in every color or style…just have a few basic colors like white, cream, pink and blue. A couple of baskets are also sufficient.

For older children, wooden blocks with the alphabet on them so you can spell out the childs name, stuffed animals, baseball and glove, or football etc.( I would stay away from a baseball bat unless you want black eyes in the picture, or broken lights). Rocking horses and little chairs or stools are great too. I try to keep quite a few of the stuffed animals on hand and only use one. Children tend to fall in love with them and I lose them to a pouty face quite often.

For teens and older, it’s pretty much the location as opposed to the props that are important. Fields with plenty of wild flowers, an old chair, pretty much sums it up for girls. Railroad tracks, brick walls with graffiti, old abandoned car lots are all awesome for guys. Throw in a guitar for either and your golden!

Are there any props that are your favs? Any you just couldn’t do without? Leave a comment and share with those who are just starting out.

Until next time…(and I will use this quote from my friend Stacy) Love…Peace…and Chicken Grease. Keep smiling!


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