What A Spectacular Weekend

Hi everyone…what a weekend!  How was yours?

Saturday started our Easter Special. We are offering an Easter mini session with a FREE 8×10 for $55.00. We are having it this year on March 11th from 10AM to 5PM. Give us a call to reserve your spot… we are limited to 14 people.

My dad was also brought to the hospital Saturday night for hypertension. He was admitted, and the doctors changed his meds. He is home now feeling much much better. A big thank you to the crew at Mobile Life Support who took him in.

Sunday was quite a day. As I had mentioned before, we went to a surprise birthday party for Uncle John. We had such a good time. It has been a while that the family was together…we got to meet some new additions to the family, and remarked how old we all felt as we saw how much the last bunch of babies that were born grew. There were a lot of ” I remember whens…” being said. Aunt Kathy had given John an envelope containing a few pictures of when he was little. He was such a cute red headed boy (yes a couple were in color!). I always have a great time at these parties…it’s so nice to see everyone.

The food was GREAT too! Hats off to the chefs. We had music from DJ Fitzy, Johns cousin. If you ever need a DJ, Tom is GREAT. Check out his facebook page for info.  There was a lot of dancing and some karaoke. Even Uncle John was up there dancing up a storm.

After we were all fed…Aunt Kathy passed the microphone around and people shared their funny stories about Uncle John. What a great idea…thank you Aunt Kathy.

The cake was delicious… and I LOVED how they had a picture of him in his younger years on it. I had only come to know Johns family for 12 years now, but since day 1 they had opened their arms to me as family. I feel so blessed to be part of the clan. Thank you for such a warm welcome.

All in all this weekend was spectacular. I can’t wait for the next gathering.

So…let’s see here…as I recall, I was holding a little contest here. Gramm Photography is giving away a FREE mini session to the person who guessed correctly how young Uncle John is. So without further ado….Uncle John is ….TADAAAAAA!

Yes Uncle John is 80 years young! Really everyone…you would have NEVER guessed if you saw him on that dance floor!

And the winner of the FREE mini session is….well why don’t the winner contact me via Gramm Photographys facebook page in a PM. While you’re on facebook, don’t forget to check out DJ Fitzys page too.

Until next time…be safe, love each other and keep smiling! xoxo

I will post the winner(s) name in tomorrows post.


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