Let’s Hear It For The Weekend!

Well the weekend is once more upon us. There was a time when I worked every weekend and having one off was a treat. For the past 10 years I have had every weekend off and I never grow tired of it. There was a day when I would come home from work on Friday night and say to my husband ” How fast can you pack”. The next minute we were in the car, heading off for a few days of R&R. Most of the time it didn’t matter where we went, just that we went. I even would keep a bag packed all the time with bathing suits, towels and sunscreen, and left it in the car. Those days are too far and few in between. Partially because of the economy. I HATE wasting gas and gas prices are on the rise again. Somedays I wish we lived by the ocean….hmmm maybe one day.

This weekend is no different than the last few months worth of weekends. We are going to a birthday party, but thats about it. Is it a sign of old age? I hope NOT! The past 3 weeks my youngest son has been going to parties galore. Oh to be 17 again. Tonight a bunch of friends are getting together for a ” Hot tub and movie ” party. What a great idea!

What are your plans for the weekend? Do tell. Are you planning on a quiet weekend at home? Meeting with friends? A little Spring cleanup? We have some of that to do but don’t want to think of it right now. I need some inspiration here people :).

Until next time …keep smiling!


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