Could It Be?

How long will it last? Hopefully not long. Well it’s Thursday, February 16 2012, in upstate NY and yes it’s snowing. It really looks pretty out there, but thankfully it’s not sticking. We have had a mild winter this year and I am happy for that. I know living in NY, one is to expect snow in the winter, yet I don’t mind at all if we never see it. To brighten my day, my BFF came over to chit chat over a cup of tea. Since I went per diem at my EMS job I have the time to spend with Judi, and I enjoy the time we now share. We used to spend a lot of time with each other when our boys were small, but then I went to work full time, and we didn’t have the time together like we used to. Today was a day to relax, tomorrow we head to the grocery store together. Shopping is so much easier when you shooting the breeze with someone.

How do you spend your day relaxing? Do you spend time with friends? If you find your too busy, you should make the time. It does make you feel good. I am lucky to have many friends but only 2 BFF’s that I can feel so at ease with.

Until next time…keep smiling.


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