I am sooooo tired of reading! I spent most of the day reading tips on marketing. Lots of good info out there if you know where to look. John found a site called Digital Wedding Forum. Very interesting and awesome ideas. Going to read some more tomorrow while at my EMS job.

It seems like they haven’t filled my “old” Tuesday shift yet…so I just request to work it. This Per Diem thing is GREAT. I have the time to really work on the business like I should be doing. It’s not that great on the pocketbook, but that will work out eventually. The important thing is to keep the business going.

If I didn’t mention, we are adding Infant Photography to our list. I really enjoy the sweetness of a newborn. Contact us at 845 926-1952 if you or anyone else is interested. We are waiting for 3 babies to be born, and 1 was born the other day…she will be coming in within the  next few days. Two our the remaining 3 are boys…the third is a surprise!  I am offering 1/2 off our regular sitting fee for infants to any soon to be mom who books a newborn session by the end of February. The session has to be booked with a deposit to hold the date, even if the date is months away.

Also keep in mind we are looking for any student in the graduating class of 2013 to model for me…there will be a HUGE discount to the first 3 people who sign up.

No quote today…read too much other things lol.

Until next time…keep smiling!


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