Dunkin Donuts Part 2

Thank you all for the great comments on yesterdays post. As promised I am going to be posting a few more of my fav photos… but first let me ask you, are you all ready for the Super Bowl today???? I, myself, have never been a football fan. Michael, my second son, played football in high school and I saw a few of his games, but it still didn’t catch my attention. Now put a baseball game in front of me and I will watch forever.

Ok so here are a few more favorite photos we have taken this past year. Don’t forget to choose 1 that you like and tell us why you like it. Without further ado I give you…

We are having a SWEET deal on senior portrait sessions. We are offering a FREE 8×10 with a paid session PLUS because it’s Superbowl Sunday for TODAY ONLY I am discounting the session price by 50%…but that’s only if you call TODAY and book your session. The number is 845 926-1952. I will travel within 20 miles from my Campbell Hall studio for FREE. Don’t forget to check out our other specials that are posted on 10 Hudson Valley Coupons. Coupons are valid until April 17 2012.

We are also adding newborn photography to our line of photography. Call for details and please pass the word.

Don’t forget to leave a comment as to which photo you like and why…tomorrow I will randomly choose 1 person who will receive a $5.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card.

Until next time…keep smiling!


4 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts Part 2

  1. I like the one of the girl in the motorcycle jacket. It shows great attitude. I also think the lighting is perfect… not too much on the face that is throws shadows and it makes her hair glisten.,

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