Scrumptious Saturday

Sorry I haven’t posted earlier, it’s been a lazy snowy day. New York finally had some snow. We got about 5 inches of that white stuff….let’s see how long it lasts.

On Thursday, while waiting for Susan to come out of recovery, I watched the Rachael Ray show. Mind you, I RARELY watch TV, but there wasn’t anything else to do in the waiting room. Well she made a dish that looked so good that I decided to try it tonight. It’s called    ” Chicken and Sausage Stew “. Oh my it was DELICIOUS! Everyone was home for dinner, which is rare, and everyone loved it also. Bobby had 3 helpings….so much for his diet! I also had Pina Colada in a TALL glass, and now having a second one :). I give it an hour before I’m fast asleep. Here is the recipe (for Rachael”s dish). This one is definitely worth trying.

Tomorrow we get to photograph Kelly, Johns niece. I’m sure we are all going to have fun, Kelly is a blast.

Last night Gramm Photography held it’s very first meeting hee hee I feel so important :). It went well, with a lot of ideas for the upcoming months. Stay tuned for GREAT deals.

Until next time…keep smiling…and TRY that recipe!



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