First I must apologize for not blogging yesterday. I was so preoccupied with setting up for a session that wound up getting postponed. Then last night my son Bobby reminded me that I had a session scheduled with him and his girlfriend. Well I didn’t forget…I just didn’t think he remembered. Anyway the session was held and here is a preview.                            Today I spent the morning taking a friend to the hospital for some same day surgery. The surgery went well and I got to spend a few hours with a great gal. Susan, thank you so much for the company….even though you were the one who had the procedure done, I enjoyed the talk.

Not to change the subject but I have a question for all of you out there. Which program do you use most to edit your photos? I seem to use Lightroom most of the time, yet I hear everyone talking so much of Photoshop. I also have Photoshop with some actions from My Four Hens Photography and Paint The Moon Photography which I adore, but maybe I’m not fully knowledgeable in Photoshop so I tend to shy away from it. It would be interesting to find out. I LOVE Lightroom and have many brushes and presets from Pretty Presets and Romy Designs, but I want to broaden my creativity and be able to do things that only Photoshop can do.

Until next time…keep smiling.


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