Monday Happenings

Woke up this morning with a plan in my mind, and determination in my heart. Today I revamped my website! Yes I know, for a lot of you it’s easy peasy work, but for someone like me it’s like building the Empire State building! I got half way through and thought…it’s getting cold in here. Come to find out, the furnace went out! 25 degrees out and no heat what so ever in the house. Called John and he said to fire up the pellet stove. Yea good idea, so I got right on that….well, I got it lit, but the blower wasn’t working and the house quickly filled with smoke. YIKES! Called John back and he told me what to do … but it didn’t work, smoke was still pouring into the house. Now mind you, the only ones home are my 17 year old son, Johns 87 year your aunt and I. Grrrrrr.!. Opened doors, tucked Joan safely into a room so she didn’t have to smell all the smoke, and Chris and I tried our hardest to vent the house. Ten minutes later called John back to tell him I’m going to have to call the fire department but he was able to leave work to come home and help. He managed to get the vent to work, then aired out the house and restarted the furnace. My hero!

Now that I’m toasty again, I tried to finish my website but couldn’t concentrate anymore. Guess I’ll work on some more tomorrow.

A friend of mine and fellow photographer Beckie Wallace of Beckie Wallace Photography turned me on to Pinterest. What a great and inspiring site. Think I’m going to devote my time tonight to looking at all the beautiful things and great ideas in there. Oh, by the way, check out her website. She is an awesome new photographer in the CT area.

If you know of any high school student graduating in 2013 tell them that I have a fantastic offer for them. Any senior who books their senior portraits with Gramm Photography before March 1 2012 will receive 20% off their session fee, plus (shhh don’t tell John) I’ll throw in an 8×10 print FREE if you mention you saw this on my blog.  We are taking bookings for April and May so hurry and call to reserve your date. We will gladly hold the session in our studio or on any location within 25 miles of our studio.

Until next time…keep smiling.

xoxo Liz



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