Hello World

Gramm Photography has finally joined in on the rest of the world and started a blog. Here is a little about us. We are a family owned and operated photography business who specializes in portraits, infants, seniors, family, and weddings. We, my husband John, step daughter Colleen and I, each have an area of expertise, so we are able to offer you a wide variety of photos. We love photographing in natural light and will do    so when the weather permits. For those less than cooperative days we have a full studio we can photograph in, with a variety of backdrops and props. Our main goal is to capture your inner beauty and natural personalities with each picture.

Our equipment consists of a Nikon D40 and Nikon D7000 with various lenses, filters and flashes.

This month I was thrilled to photograph a friend, Heidi’s newborn daughter Kaylee.

Isn’t she the sweetest?

We also held a couples casting call and photographed a very special friend of mine Krystal and her soon to be hubby Eric.

Not to mention photographing their gorgeous son Blake.

Just look at his eyes!!! Krystal and Eric, better put strong locks on the door, I’m sure the girls out there will be trying to bust it down real soon.

Why not call us to schedule an appointment for your next photos. Besides weddings we will also photograph your next party or family get together. Why not make 2012 a year to start recording those memorable moments in your lives. We are located at 2819 Rt 207 in Campbell Hall, NY or you can reach us at 845 926-1952. Because of our type of business, we may be out of the office and not able to answer the phone, so please, leave a message.

Until next time…keep smiling!



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