Good morning everyone. I know I haven’t talked much about how our renovations are going. Last month we were busy getting ready for Monroe’s Community Day Expo (btw thank you to those who came out to support us).

Renovations are going great! In another week we will be taking down the wall between my sons work area and making that into my office. This way we can use the studio just for studio work. I am planning on using the side my office was on as a newborn/toddler area and the other side for general portraits and glamor.

Right now we have 2 mini specials running.


DadsDay 2014





















Our Daddy + Me session is a 1 day session, June 7th, limited  to 4 sessions for $79 plus tax. We do have specially priced collections which include 5x7s and 8x10s. For those of us who know me, know we don’t regularly sell 5x7s and 8x10ss, we save these sized for our mini sessions. 


Family 2014





















Our Family Limited Edition session is running from June 9th through June 14th. We are limiting these sessions to 2 per day to try to avoid the harsh noon sun. This session is $229 plus tax and include your choice of a digital file with print rights up to 8×10’s  (valued at $299) or a 16 page 5×7 Gift Book (valued at $89).


Both sessions will be held outdoors, the family session can be held on a locations of your choice within a 30 mile radius of our studio.

Once we are close to finishing the studio, we will choose a date for our ” Grand Reopening “. We are planning on having balloons for the children, coffee and cake for the adults, door prizes and a few more surprises in store for you all. Keep a watch out on this page for more details. Share us with your friends so they may watch also.

Well that’s it so far. Hope you all have a terrific Sunday.


Busy Busy Busy…Love it!

Wow, we have been busy.


This year we have decided to concentrate on marketing and searching for our target client, which means getting out of Campbell Hall and our comfort zone and putting our name out in Orange, Sullivan and Rockland counties. To do this, we have joined the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. They are so helpful to get our name out there. We need more exposure.


We also became a merchant participating in The Orange Advantage Rewards Program.






We beefed up our referral program by offering a

$25 Visa Gift Card to our clients who send us new clients.








GRP_7199 WM



We added Glamor Photography to our business.

We are going to target 40 year olds and up.











We also added a mini newborn session at a reduced price.

This session lasts about and hour and spotlights just the newborn.







Mom and Me 2014




We are also offering a Limited Edition

Mommy and Me session on May 3, 2014





How’s that for a full lineup?

To end this segment, we would like to thank Christine of  Bumble-fly for all her hard work and dedication in planning the Community Expo that was held this Sunday at the Monroe-Woodbury High School.

GRP_7644 WM


We participated this year and met many new people.





Until next time…..Stay well.

Luxuries vs Necessities

We all know that in today’s world anyone with a camera or cell phone can take a picture. So why are there professional photographers? First of all I am not knocking the amateur or hobbyist, everyone must start somewhere. I am just pointing out why you should go to a professional photographer as opposed to letting Aunt Tilly capture your fondest memories.

1) Professional photographers are trained in lighting their subjects properly to avoid raccoon eyes, mottled skin tone and dark grainy images. They can pose to flatter and can bring out a natural smile.

2) Professional photographers work hard at keeping their skills current along with updating their gear as needed. They use a reputable lab so they may offer you top notch products. You will never find a professional photographer ordering prints from Walmart.

3) Professional photographers will get to know their clients so they may offer the most satisfying experience. They take their time and never rush their client out the door. They look beyond the box to create unique imagery. Because every client is different, they are able to capture the real you.

While most people feel professional photos are a luxury, think of all the other luxuries in your life. Getting your nails done every week, coloring your hair, even air conditioning in your cars are luxuries most will never think about doing without. But the same people don’t see that capturing you newborns first days in life, or watching your child grow as a needed luxury. Yes, using your own camera or cell phone will be ok for every day moments, but a family portrait done by a professional at least once a year is very important.

As I end this post I will leave you with one question. With all the photos you have taken of your loved ones, your children, your memories. Where are they now? I bet the answer is …still on your phone. Thought so.

Stay safe, stay well. Until next time.




“Elegance is a glowing inner peace. Grace is an ability to give as well as to receive and be thankful. Mystery is a hidden laugh always ready to surface! Glamour only radiates if there is a sublime courage & bravery within: glamour is like the moon; it only shines because the sun is there.”
C. JoyBell C.

Glamor session, January 19, 2014 at Gramm Photography. Call us for info.

Some of our glamorous models.


Meet Kodie…beautiful, bright, fun.


and Jackie, my future daughter in law, just gorgeous

Jenn and Jackie

and Jackie and her sister Jenn…a sweetheart in every way.

Aren’t they beautiful? Valentines Day is coming up, treat yourself to a glamor session.

2014~ A Year Of Change

Bringing in this new year may have been routine for others, but this year it brought in a whole new me and a whole new way of running our business.

Yesterday was my 55th birthday. Some may feel as if they are getting old…heck, I can now join our local senior citizen group. Wait…putting it that way I DO feel old! Joking of course. Actually, I feel more alive than ever. We had quite a bit of snow on January 2nd, and John was home from work because of it. Once the roads were clear, we shopped around for the essential materials we needed to do a new kind of glamor photography. We have a model coming in on Wednesday and wanted to try a vintage Victorian session. My mind has been reeling the last few days with thoughts of ways to offer our clients unique themed type sessions. If you’ve missed our ad on facebook, we are holding a “Glamor Day” limited edition session on January 19, 2014. This session is limited to 5 people. If interested call 845 926-1952 to reserve your spot.

Glamor Day

This year we also revised our referral policy. Anyone who refers us to a “New” client will receive a $25 Visa gift card for each new client. The more, the merrier. These Visa gift cards can be used at any store that accepts Visa, and remember Gramm Photography also accepts Visa and Master Card. We still offer Gramm Photography Gift Cards for you to purchase as gifts for loved ones.

As this year progresses, watch for the new Gramm Photography to progress, with new products and new limited themed sessions.  This year, make it a point to preserve your memories in print. There’s nothing like the present time to start a new tradition.

We would love to hear you’re feedback as to our new changes. Drop us a line at or comment in this post. We would also love to hear any suggestions as to what you would like us to offer to you.

It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are. – Paul Caponigro